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Integrated Movement Arts offers bespoke personal training in London with our qualified trainers. We train professional athletes, people who are just starting out and looking to get into shape, and people who want to continue on their fitness journey. Whether you have a sedentary or active lifestyle, health and fitness are important, which is why we’re happy to offer personal training services to people of all fitness levels.

Our experienced and professional trainers will teach you teach you the correct exercise techniques and how to safely exercise. During your personal training sessions, we can help you to improve your mobility and flexibility, build strength, train you for an event, assist with weight management, or provide rehabilitation after an injury.

There are many other benefits to personal training, such as stress relief, building confidence and self-esteem, improved concentration, and learning patience.

Our personal trainers in London will coach you and motivate you during tailored training sessions. They will offer you support and hold you accountable for achieving your goals, so you are sure to see progress in your health and fitness and reach your desired results. Our aim is to help you to enjoy exercise and make physical activity and eating well a part of your daily life. An IMA workout will help you to become more active and keep you strong and fit.

Prior to beginning your personal training journey with IMA, we will provide a free 20-minute initial consultation to assess your fitness levels, physical abilities, previous injuries, and medical history, and discuss your fitness goals so we can tailor training sessions just for you.

We offer full personal training sessions, which are 55 minutes long and are available in-person, outside, at the gym, or virtually. We also offer express sessions, which are 30 minutes long and are only available as video call sessions. These sessions are great for those seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle, but with little time on their hands.

One-to-One Personal Training

During IMA’s one-to-one personal training sessions, it’s just you and your trainer. These sessions are individualised, so you can work at your own pace and your specific needs are taken into account. You will receive 100% of your personal trainer’s attention, and can work on the realistic and obtainable fitness goals you and your trainer set for yourself.

Small Group Personal Training & Combat Sports

In IMA’s small group personal training sessions, you’ll be a part of a group with no more than 6 people, doing strength and conditioning sessions. These small group classes are perfect for people who are looking for some friendly competition and need friends to motivate them during and outside of class. Group sessions can help you to commit to regular exercise, and with others holding your accountable, you’re less likely to skip classes. A lot of people see group personal training as a social activity, and enjoy it more when they work with others.

Integrated Movement Arts also offers corporate group fitness training in London. Our corporate wellness workshops encourage teamwork, allow people to connect outside of the office, and can lower stress levels and increase staff productivity. Investing in corporate fitness will improve employee engagement and can result in a healthier and happier workforce.

To get a better idea of what we offer, here are some of the personal training options available at Integrated Movement Arts:

In-House Personal Training

You come to us.

Integrated Movement Arts offers 55-minute London-based personal training sessions at our in-house facility in The Fitness Mosaic Performance Gym in Chalk Farm, NW1. Our facility is well-equipped and spacious, so you will get a through workout.

The gym is accessible via Chalk Farm Tube station or by bus.

Mobile Personal Training

We come to you.

You can have 55-minute off-site sessions with an IMA personal trainer in your home or garden, and other outdoor areas, such as local parks and green spaces.

We offer our mobile personal training service in the N12, N20, NW1, NW3, NW6, and NW8 areas in the Barnet and Camden boroughs of London.

Online Personal Training

Personal training anywhere.

Our online personal training is available globally, and we offer several virtual training options. You can have full 55-minute online personal training sessions, 30-minute express virtual personal training sessions, or purchase 1- to 6-month online strength and conditioning packages.

We offer a mix of guided personal practice, recorded workouts for you to follow, and weekly video personal training sessions.

Our online personal trainers can do video call sessions on FaceTime, Zoom or WhatsApp. IMA’s real-time online coaching is personalised and can be adapted to suit you, whether you have home gym equipment or not. Online training is a safe way to work out during the pandemic, and is convenient because you can do it wherever you are in the world.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are offering virtual personal training and outdoor mobile personal training only to allow for social distancing. When quarantine is over, we fully expect to get back into the swing of things and offer our full range of services.

See our calendar for availability and to book a personal training session.

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5 reviews for Personal Training

  1. Hammy Havoc

    IMA helped me to overcome me hereditary connective tissue disorder, my pain levels are lower than ever, and I’m also feeling happier and more energetic than I have in years. Highly recommended.

  2. Shahla Haque

    Great trainers, cutting edge online coaching tools – combining tough workouts with fundamental skills.

  3. Francesca Lepori

    Fantastic, bespoke training. Highly qualified and experienced instructors in a fun, built-for-purpose environment. Perfect for anyone aiming to improve their fitness and/or learn new skills!

  4. Jo Walters

    Top personal training brand. Bespoke & very tailored scientific approach to sports performance, skills and rehab. In a short time I am getting less pain from a long term injury and my general fitness, strength and mobility have all improved.

  5. Daniel B

    Smart, holistic, functional training. Kaz is a natural, knowledgeable teacher and PT, inspiring confidence in the most timid student across to the seasonal athlete. Kaz really adds value with his application of Functional Range Conditioning and injury prevention in his programmes.

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